10 Steps Towards Launch! Part 6 - Staff

The following is part 6 in our 10-part series entitled “10 Steps Towards Launch!” by Terrel Transtrum, President/Founder of ServiceQuest. If you are thinking about starting a new direct selling company, contact us today!


The sixth of ten business segments that we help our clients to implement is STAFF.  Because a successful MLM is all about relationships, the MLM staff must be selected and developed to provide the highest degree of personable and warm service.  Here are some best practices to help you select and hire the best staff for your new MLM.


  • Follow a Comprehensive Staffing Plan
  • Implement a Human Resources Administration System for your New MLM Company
  • Create an Employee Orientation System to Ensure Consistent Training of new MLM Staff
  • Seek Balance in Your Staffing Plan
  • Dedicate Sales, Marketing and Service Executives to their Respective Roles
  • Provide the MLM Distributors with a Chief Customer Officer
  • Coach and Develop the Executive Team to help them keep up with Growth
  • Develop an Effective Accounting Staff
  • Seek and Develop the Right Technology People to Fit your MLM Culture
  • Engage with a Financial Officer or CFO That Understands MLM Business Nuances


Here are examples of descriptions that you might write for your MLM Launch Best Practice:


  1. Staffing Plan – We have a comprehensive staffing plan to ensure that we select and develop the people who are right for our culture.  We have determined how many employees to hire, when to hire them, and what their various roles and assignments will be at launch.
  2. Field Support – We have a CCO (Chief Customer Officer) or Director of Field Support that is dedicated to understanding and empowered in all aspects of the enterprise in order to fulfill the three-fold mission of field support: delight the rep, improve the company, develop service professionals.

Staffing is at the heart of the people business, and selecting the right staff will pay huge dividends as your MLM company grows and expands.  For more information, contact Terrel Transtrum terrel@launchsmart.com

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