3 Story Company

Building a great company is not an easy task. Building a 3 Story Company is an even more difficult one. But we are not talking about constructing an actual 3-Story Building here, instead I am speaking about 3 stories you need to define and share with everyone that is contemplating joining you in your cause.

The 3 Stories are that of your Product Story, The Company Story, and your Money Story. If you can effectively tell these three stories through a brief extended elevator pitch, your company will be postured for growth. I know that it sounds easy, but as we have worked with many of our clients, we have discovered that it is easier said than done.

3 Stories

3 Story Company

I’m going to keep this simple and to the point – Your Product Story should tell about what your product does and how it came to be. Was your product discovered in some distant land and has incredible healing properties? Was the product the result of your founders being “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and they found a way to overcome a common problem that many people face? Or was it a product that has been around for years, and someone said “I can do it better” and did?

Whatever your product story is, make sure the way that you tell it is captivating, and explains the problem that it fixes and how.

Your Company Story should answer the question of who am I hitching my wagon to? When someone is thinking about joining your company they are putting a lot of trust into a stranger (You) that a friend is recommending to them as trustworthy. Your Company story should share your mission and vision and tell about the culture and why it has been designed that way. The Company Story should talk to the heart of the people and reassure them that your company’s intentions are to improve the lives of those that it comes in touch with through your amazing network of distributors.

The final story that needs to be told is the Money Story. Having the greatest product in the world is great, but if it doesn’t make people money, odds are that they will not be very motivated to spend the time to share it. People need to know that they can make a significant amount of money selling what you sell. This is not the time however, to bust out a spreadsheet and start drawing lines and circles with percentages on the levels.

The Money Story instead should be as simple as saying something like this: “I’m glad that you like it; not only is this an amazing product, but selling it, I make 25% commission on my sales, and I have a team that I make a percentage off what they do as well.” The Money Story should be brief and let the listener know that there is an opportunity, but not overwhelm them with information that ends up feeling like you just want them involved for the cash. If they are interested they will ask to know more.

They key to leveraging these 3 Stories and supercharging your company’s growth is that they be simple and duplicatable. I know we hear that over and over again, but that is because it is a magic formula! Make it easy to remember, easy to repeat, and easy to share anywhere. As you do, your field will become better at talking about the business outside of their warm circles and start being able to share it with everyone. ~BDB~


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