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The LaunchSmart™ Story

Terrel Transtrum, Co-Founder of LaunchSmart :: A Short Introduction to LaunchSmart: MLM & Party Plan Startup Consultants LaunchSmart is a consulting company that helps direct, plan, and launch direct selling/multi-level marketing, known more commonly by the acronym MLM, as well as Home Party selling, companies. Since 1988, we’ve worked inside hundreds and hundreds of MLM and Party Plan companies, sleeves rolled up and guiding growth and expansion in virtually all areas. Our laboratory has been the halls of some of the most successful organizations on earth, including Melaleuca, Pampered Chef, Herbalife, Prepaid Legal, Creative Memories and more than 350 others.

Over the years, our phone has rung when owners and executives are stuck and not growing, are having breakdowns in distributor service and internal operations, or are suffering from severe distributor attrition. Over the years, we’ve discovered the proven best practices that lead to success.

Many experts believe that only about 2 in 10 direct selling startups last past their first year. This is bad for direct selling, as the entrepreneurs and independent sales representatives of these failed companies are left in the wake of these failures.

This need not be the case. Our passion centers in helping you fine tune your product offering and basic business strategy, preparing a sufficient business and project plan, and teaching you the best practices you will need to follow to launch, grow, and sustain a successful direct selling company.

LaunchSmart™ is the crown jewel of our careers, taking all of our learning—the best practices, lessons learned, specific programs and approaches that have worked for hundreds of companies—and providing it to you though our LaunchSmart™ System. This system allows you, the entrepreneur, to avoid the hundreds of pitfalls of failure that exist in the direct selling business model, and enjoy the success you envision for your direct selling venture. We’ll literally instill in you and your team and knowledge, skills, and tools you need to do it right – and achieve the success you desire.

We invite international companies, we love the global challenges and our team can handle whatever our clients bring to us. Additionally, we have access to an incredible program for funding companies, three tiers of funding options, depending on where the company is in its development, with investors that love direct selling.

We salute your entrepreneurial spirit and look forward to earning your trust and serving you with excellence. Email or Call us at 1-800-850-8343 with your questions, we are confident we have the answers!

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