Selecting MLM Software

When it comes to selecting MLM software, you can’t go wrong by doing your own comparison of MLM software.  From our experience and work papers, we list below the elements we carefully review with each MLM software company that asks us to take a close look at their technology solution.

  1. How long has the MLM software company been in business?
  2. What do 5 clients say about them?
  3. How much does it cost to get launched, and then how much to operate month-to-month?
  4. What do the reference say about what was quoted and what they actually paid in the end?
  5. What are the backgrounds of the founders and principals of the MLM software company?
  6. What language is their MLM software written in?
  7. How many total installations do they have in their history, and how many currently active?
  8. Get a copy of their contract and go through it carefully, make notes and ask questions.
  9. How does the conversation “feel?”  Have you met the account manager(s) you will work with after the sale?
  10. What does your “gut” tell you about this MLM software company?
  11. Is your MLM consultant receiving a commission for referring / recommending a particular solution?

If you would like more insights on selecting the MLM software that’s right for you, call or email us.  We’ll be glad to share, and you’ll be glad to know that we do not take commissions for recommending MLM software.

Be sure to ask your MLM consultant if they accept commissions for recommending MLM software to you.  You might be surprised by their answer.  For straight talk, no surprises, and guidance that has your best interests in mind, give LaunchSmart a call for help in selecting the MLM software that’s right for your company and your budget.

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