Competency 3: Inventory & Warehouse Management

Inventory & warehouse management in direct selling is essential if your company sells products.  The rep experience is ultimately found in the details.  When details are thoughtfully and completely worked out, the entire business experience is smoother and more enjoyable for customers, field reps, vendors, staff, and executives.

Every detail has a potential trajectory path that is easily blown out of proportion.  If inventory quantities go out of balance, quantity on hand slowly becomes less reliable, backorders appear, orders become uncompleted, commission volumes are held, qualifications are placed in jeopardy, cash flow is halted on that order, and confidence suddenly trembles.  Employees become more tentative in responses they provide to callers.  Field Reps cross their fingers when they order.  Executives review reports with constant gnawing in the backs of their minds.  As inaccuracies breed doubt, minds become cluttered and energy is diverted.

We recommend careful and complete implementation of the warehousing and fulfillment process, including inventory processes.  The key functions that related to inventory processes include the standard postings and their effect on inventory.  The Business Process Guide will take you through the processes of receiving stock, doing warehouse transfers, and managing the daily processes in the lifecycle of an order as they pertain to the inventory function.

On the backdrop of processes for stocking inventory in warehouses, the processes associated with orders are better comprehended.

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