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How to Start a Direct Selling Business

The definitive guide on launching a successful business! The LaunchSmart™ Start-up Guide takes you step-by-step through starting and running a successful network marketing or home party business. This guide is the ultimate foundation for the LaunchSmart™ start-up conferences, workshops, and personal coaching systems.

Great NewsYour Purchase (up to $295) will apply towards a credit to your future purchase of our Day1 Advantage business planning system, or PowerStart Workshop and LaunchSmart Tools.

The LaunchSmart™ Start-Up Guide is the result of a quarter of a century of working exclusively in the trenches with direct selling companies (network marketing and home party plan). Since 1988, we have been helping people just like you to successfully start, run, and grow their network marketing and home party businesses. Foremost, it builds on the core mission of ServiceQuest which is to help companies to align with a clear vision for creating an extraordinary experience for the independent sales representative.

The only path to success is through happy and productive sales representatives (your independent “reps”) who voluntarily share your company’s story, recruit and sign customers and other reps, and sell products. Inside you’ll find practical, step-by-step advice that clearly outlines the basics of creating and launching your successful direct selling business.

Our Start-Up Guide has been created for the following that are investigating, starting, or operating a direct-selling company (network marketing or home party plan):

  • Entrepreneurs considering the launch of a new direct-selling start-up company
  • Owners of an existing business that may benefit from a direct-selling division or change in marketing and sales strategies
  • Executives of an existing direct-selling business, interested in taking the business to its next level by filling in gaps that have appeared since launching

The Start-Up Guide is the core manual around which our advanced workshops, workbooks, and coaching are designed. It presents the principles and key concepts for success in starting and running a successful direct selling company. The Start-Up Workshops, Workbooks, and coaching are the advanced support systems that contain best practices and step-by-step checklists for implementation. Importantly, the LaunchSmart™ team is at your service for any level of support that you require, ranging from simple questions via calls and emails to advanced coaching and support in the areas that you lack the experience or when you get crunched to meet your deadlines.

Each chapter in this Start-Up Guide includes essential information and recommended action steps. Action steps correspond with the optional workshops and workbooks that are available at any stage, either in individual sections (helping you only in the areas that you require) or in bundled offerings for a broader base of support. Either way, you select the level of support that best serves your needs.

This Start-Up Guide should be used to capture your thoughts, questions, commitments, notes, and next steps. Checklists correspond with the action items in the workshops and workbooks, and can be used to guide yourself if you choose to jump in on your own. Notes sections can be used to capture your best ideas and “ah-ha!” insights. Always remember that we’re a phone call or email away, should you find yourself struggling with questions or need encouragement.

Importantly, we believe you can do this! We want you to succeed. The world awaits and rewards the innovators of direct selling. The time has never been better. Beyond the Start-Up Guide, the LaunchSmart™ professionals can help you to design, build, and launch your company.

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