Field Training – Motivating Participation

By Terrel Transtrum, Founder of LaunchSmart™

Motivation is vital to growth and momentum in the field. Motivation to participate cannot be assumed. It must be designed into the training and education system used for developing field reps.

Development begins with the new customer or field rep and extends through all phases of growth and leadership. No two individuals are exactly alike, and each has his/her own goals, abilities and styles. Nevertheless, a standardized training and development system is your best method for assuring consistent and strong growth, especially when it is designed around proven practices.

Every field rep that comes to you with the desire to create wealth through building a business comes with an expectation. The expectation begins with a belief that you have a product line that is valuable, and that you have refined your methodology for introducing and selling the products while attracting other builders. You must meet this expectation head-on, with strength and leadership that appears in your field training systems. These become the early seeds of motivation.

The training and education system should work hand-in-hand with recognition, rank advancement, special offerings (products and promotions), and company culture in order to breed the proper motivation for all to participate and grow. Remember that people want to feel in control; they do this by feeling empowered which comes from well designed training. They want to feel important; this happens when you include them and support them. They want to know how to succeed; they do this by duplicating a successful system that works for them. They want to feel respected and “in the know;” this happens when you communicate effectively and pull them into the circle of knowledge and understanding. All of these outcomes produce motivation.

Here are some examples of effective ways we’ve seen through the years to motivate field reps to participate in training. What can you add to the list?

  • Carefully design the path for each new field rep to follow when they join your company
    • Connect them to your company’s training system
    • Help them to get fast exposure with an infusion of energy and information
    • Reinforce their decisions and beliefs concerning the company, your products and services, and the business opportunities that you offer
  • Don’t cut corners in the design and development of effective training programs and tools
  • Dedicate sufficient corporate leadership resources to provide constant and effective contact and accountability with field reps who are serious about growing
  • Build relationships with field reps at a meaningful level
  • Provide timely and specific recognition for those completing training, including:
    • Pins, certificates, letters of congratulations and acknowledgement
    • Recognition in the newsletter
    • Recognition on the website
    • Recognition at events, on conference calls, and in appropriate circles
  • Include obtaining certain training as a requirement for various rank advancements, leadership positions, and advisory council qualification
  • Provide special offerings (product discounts or small free products) as a reward for participating in training
  • The names of those who complete training are entered into a special drawing for prizes and other rewards
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