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Are you worried all your startup capital will be eaten up by expensive MLM consulting?  You are not alone.  Here are questions that the best MLM entrepreneurs and Party Plan owners wrangle with:

•    What is the best use of my time as I balance all of the demands placed on me?
•    Are there others whom I can lean on for guidance, encouragement, and expertise?
•    Can I find affordable MLM consulting with expert MLM consultants?
•    Is there anybody I can be friends with who will treat me as a friend—with respect and dignity—and who will not exhaust all of my MLM startup capital?

If the typical entrepreneur were to keep a diary for one month of all her business activities, she would likely discover up to 80 percent of those activities to be nonproductive and diversionary.  Most businesspeople fail to focus on managing, strategizing, and working on higher-performing, constant-growth issues.  They just keep on spending time, money, and human capital the way they’ve always spent it, and they achieve the expected plateau-causing results.

Ironically, the habits that are formed during MLM startup and launch usually carry through to all phases of growth and expansion.  The good news is that some businesspeople have learned to be strategic.

The best way to learn to be strategic is to take time to think strategically, to plan strategically, and to work around strategists.  Most businesspeople fail to view time expenditure the same way they view all other expenditures in their lives—even though time is one of the three most precious, intangible assets they possess.  (The other two are energy and opportunity costs.)  Indeed, they waste time on unimportant things when they could be investing in their strategy.  As a result, they miss out on valuable opportunities to timely launch, grow and expand their business.  Most people just don’t make the highest and best use of what they’ve got.  Fortunately, you no longer have to count yourself among their ranks.

Everybody knows at least one highly productive person, someone for whom there seems to be more than twenty-four hours in a day.  This person is ten times more productive than her competitor because she understands the concept of highest and best use.  It’s a rather simple—yet arguable—concept: Use your time to produce the greatest strategic, long-term payoff.  It’s that simple.  So, just use your time and your talents to the maximum potential—simple, right?

And yet, most of the business world fails to do it.  And this can be even more true in the intense, complex process of starting and running an MLM business or Party Plan company.  If you’re not practicing the concept of highest and best use, you’re sacrificing your potential, your precious MLM startup capital, your profits, and your future.

Try this exercise right now that will help you identify your “highest” and “best.”  Start by writing down the three most critical tasks your new MLM startup requires to get launched from where you currently are.  Then break down those three tasks into sub-tasks, for which there are usually as many as seven.  Finally give each of those sub-tasks three different values based on their relevancy, your competency, and your true passion for doing them.

Now review what you have come up with.  If the task is not relevant but you’re competent at it, it’s a waste of your time.  If your competency in a particular task is less than average, then you’re not the most efficient person for the job, which means it’s a huge expenditure of energy and, again, a waste of your time.  For example, why should you receive and count inventory if doing so eats up half your day?  The point is not that the inventory should not be properly received but, rather, that you shouldn’t be the one receiving it.  Get someone else to do this task, then spot-check or audit his or her work.

What this exercise will do is determine which tasks you should remove from your to-do list, so that you can put yourself into the power position that brings the greatest yield.  Whatever your tasks and subtasks may be as you start and operate a successful MLM company, it’s imperative that you work on the tasks that are most important for you.  Here’s the bottom line:

Anything that isn’t relevant, that you’re not competent in, or that you’re not completely passionate about should be delegated to somebody else.

This is true even if it means you need ten people doing the same job 80 percent as well as you.  That still amounts to eight times greater efficiency and results than would be the case if you did 100 percent of the job yourself.  It frees you up to focus you most precious assets—your time, energy, and opportunity costs—on the things that matter most and that deliver the most meaningful results at the crucial time of starting and running a multi-level marketing company or party plan business.

Now, what does this all have to do with free MLM consulting?  We realize the absolute power in leveraging your time, and as our investment in a potential future relationship, we offer free MLM consulting and free Party Plan consulting.  Just call and ask us!  No obligation, no strings attached.  You have our word on that.

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