How do I make sure our company's offering is unique and will really stand out?

Some MLM start up companies enlist the support of a marketing firm. Quite often, Party Plan start up businesses will carefully follow the advice of professional marketers.

Often, marketing firms will help develop the company and product/service names, logos, packaging, branding, sales tools, advertising strategies, websites, etc. These firms can be important strategic partners. You will find that the degree to which they will be able to effectively help you will depend upon how ready you are to help them to understand you, your products and services, and where you want to take your company.

The following list of questions, summarized from the LaunchSmart™ Marketing Design System, can help you to identify what you will need to interact with your marketing firm. The information you generate using this planning system will evolve as you interact with your marketing firm, but it’s vital that YOU take the first step in making the key decisions required herein. Don’t forget: it’s YOUR company. If you choose not to use a marketing firm, but to go it alone and create your own materials, really digging in to these questions is all the more important to organize your thoughts and define how your company’s offering will be truly unique.

  1. Basic Business Concept
  2. Basic Product Concept
  3. Branding
  4. Overall Market Description
  5. Specific Market Segment Description
  6. Target Market Description
  7. Competitive Analysis
  8. Unique Selling Proposition
  9. General Awareness Marketing
  10. Lead Generation Marketing Strategies
  11. Distributor Specific Marketing
  12. Product Specific Marketing Strategies

The most useful exercise for assuring that your company’s offering really stands out is to define and masterfully articulate the unique value proposition (USP) for the products and business offering. Party Plan business and MLM business opportunities are better thought of and referred to as business offerings rather than business opportunities. Bear in mind that as prospects consider your company’s offerings, they are looking at the entire package: products, management, and compensation plan (the business offering and what it means to them).

When you go to work on describing your unique selling proposition, ask and carefully answer the following two questions:

  1. What is it that customers and distributors are really buying from us?
  2. Why will they buy from us and not someone else?
  3. Helpful questions that guide this dialogue are the ones used by the LaunchSmart™ System and team, several of which are offered below to help stimulate this important discussion.

  4. What makes us truly unique?
  5. For each of our products and services, what do consumers derive from their use?
  6. How will we position our products and services vis-à-vis the competition?

Sample Value Proposition Statement

Below is a sample value proposition statement for use internally. It captures the essence of management’s thinking, and provides a springboard for a streamlined and more concise statement of value elements that can be communicated to the field.

Our company allows consultants to achieve their personal goals and desires while instilling their customers with greater enjoyment from decorating rooms in their homes. Many start with the modest yet exciting goal of earning enough money to pay for the wonderful collection of products and accessories they want to have in their homes. Many love the idea that they can build that product collection and earn a part-time income as well. And some have looked at the compensation plan and determined that this is one of the best opportunities they have seen to achieve a profitable, home based business – and certainly the most fun!

Products are uniquely designed and produced to accessorize every room in every home, reaching a spectrum of our 7 design groupings that reach 85% of decorating tastes. Our proprietary design wheel simplifies the process of identifying preferences and choices, narrowing buying decisions into style, rooms, budget, function, seasonality and customization.

Every employee at the home office is dedicated to seeing that consultants get the best service possible, from correct orders and fast shipping to accurate information and effective training. Recruiting consultants provide essential mentoring to new consultants, helping to assure their success.

Each time a consultant conducts a home demonstration, they engage in a fun, socially and professionally rewarding experience. Consultants are recognized for their accomplishments and thanked often for their efforts. They have the opportunity of working with the best products in our industry, provided by a company with total commitment to ongoing product enhancement and improvement.

Company events (from conventions to training calls) provide opportunities for social interaction and essential training. New consultants are provided with all the training (both product and business) to achieve their goals – whatever they may be.

And perhaps most importantly, consultants love what they do, and share what they love, as they help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments . . . in this they make a difference – in their own lives and the lives of others.

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