How to Start an MLM Business

Some of the most urgent questions about starting and running an MLM business are probably the same ones you have.

•    What does it take to start an MLM company?
•    Do I need a business plan, and how do I write an MLM business plan?
•    What type of compensation plan should our new MLM company use?
•    When it comes to recruiting MLM distributors, how do I start?
•    Are there secrets to buying the right MLM software?
•    How much does it cost for MLM legal services, and do I really need to hire an MLM attorney?
•    How long will it take and how much will it cost?
•    Are there distributor training tools that I can use or do I create my own?
•    What should I be asking that I haven’t already asked?
•    Has anybody figured this out, or do I need to learn the hard way?
•    Are there any MLM consultants who are working with big companies that can guide me how to do it correctly from the very start?

Perhaps the best advice we can offer is to encourage you to write down all of your questions; keep a project notebook.  Then give us a call and we’ll go through them with you.  That’s the best way we know how to help you get started.

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