MLM Consultant Terrel Transtrum Presents DSA Workshop

The MLM Startup Conference sponsored by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) featured top MLM consultants sharing insights and wisdom for starting and running a successful MLM company.  More than 400 attendees and participants gathered in Las Vegas for the annual DSA Sales and Communications conference where participants were instructed in the following MLM startup topics:

  • Finding the Right MLM Marketing Plan
  • MLM Compensation Plan Design Essentials
  • Key Operating Indicators for MLM Companies
  • MLM Legal Framework
  • MLM Promotions that Drive Your Business
  • Keys to MLM Distributor Fast Start
  • MLM Software
  • MLM Best Practices

In the day that followed the MLM startup conference, Top MLM Consultant Terrel Transtrum presented to a packed room the workshop titled, “The MLM Distributor Experience” which focused on creating an extraordinary service experience for MLM distributors.  Hitting on the key point that the happy distributors are successful distributors and that a company’s stewardship is to deliver happiness, the workshop was followed the next day by keynote speaker Tony Hsieh, CEO of and author of the newly released book, “Delivering Happiness.”

The response is a unanimous, rising voice for doing what it takes to inspire, lift, and serve MLM distributors.  They are the lifeblood of direct selling, and when they succeed, we all succeed.  This, of course, begins with delivering happiness to customers who are at the heart of all vibrant, thriving and fast-growing MLM companies.  As the top MLM consultants serving the best MLM companies in the world, the LaunchSmart team of MLM consultants is working hard to serve its clients in their journey to starting and running successful MLM companies.

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