MLM Distributor Fast Success

Of the MLM distributors, Party Plan consultants, and their customers lost each year, statistics say that more than half are lost in the first 13 weeks following enrollment. Fast-start success of each MLM distributor or Party Plan consultant virtually guarantees the long-term success of your company. Thus, it is entirely appropriate that a fast start plan for distributors and consultants begin by examining your company’s fast start system.  “Fast start system” refers to the crucial period that begins immediately upon a distributor’s or consultant’s sign-up and continues through the first 13 weeks (90 days) following sign-up.

The powerful emotion behind a person’s decision to join your company will rapidly diminish unless the decision takes root. A customer must quickly experience fast delivery and promised benefits of a product or service that you are selling.  An MLM distributor or Party Plan consultant must experience a measure of success that will reaffirm belief in your company and in his or her ability to attain their goals.  In fact, the emotional “juice” that moves a person to action will diminish or completely dissipate upon occurrence of one or more of the following:

  • The new recruit’s decision is questioned or challenged at home or by well meaning (but uninformed) friends or family
  • The new recruit encounters a negative response when they share their newly found product and/or business opportunity
  • The new recruit fumbles or procrastinates the important first steps in getting started; or worse, they don’t know where to start
  • Time passes without sufficient reinforcement of the belief
  • Expectations are not realistic or are not managed through the establishment of goals followed by adequate planning and action

Your fast start success system, correctly designed and effectively deployed, is the critical business building activity that will give new recruits the best chance at succeeding with your company.

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