MLM Distributor Training System

In any business, training and management are keys to success, but in MLM companies, they are more than that.  Field training and development, referring to the training and development of distributors and their customers, comprise the fuel mixture that propels your organization forward.

MLM Training and development systems must be tied to specific needs at each phase of a distributor’s lifecycle in your company, beginning with their very first exposure to your company.  At the heart of retention is expectations, and therefore at the heart of training must also be expectations—knowing the distributors’ and / customers’ expectations, what do they need to be able to do (behaviors) to attain their expectations, and what training and development support do they need to be able to perform those behaviors.  All training should be behavior / performance driven.

In addition to providing the information and imparting the skills that are vital to distributor success, proper training and development ensure compliance with sensitive legal imperatives.  In states that have enacted business opportunity and multilevel MLM distribution statutes, you are obliged to perform a bona fide supervisory role with your sales organization with respect to the sale and distribution of your products and services.

An effective MLM distributor training system examines the essentials behind effective field training and development in direct selling.  It examines the objectives of MLM distributor training, the foundation for training systems, the essential topics, the most effective vehicles for delivering training and ongoing development, the tools for evaluating what is working, and some of the best practices that we have observed in our quest to understand how retention leaders have succeeded.

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