MLM Pilots and Test Parties

Testing your ideas and business model may quite possibly be the most important (and most overlooked) step in the process of starting your new MLM company or home party business.  Some companies (especially home party companies) conduct pilots or test parties before launching their direct selling businesses.

MLM pilots and test parties can provide answers to these important considerations:

  • Will guests buy our products at home parties?
  • How much will the average guest spend on products and services?
  • How much will the average party generate in sales?
  • How much will hostesses spend?
  • What percentage of guests will host a party of their own?
  • What percentage of guests will be interested in becoming a rep?
  • Is the hostess rewards program configured correctly for your business?
  • Does the sales presentation script work well?
  • What do guests like best about your home parties?
  • What can you do to make the parties more enjoyable and more successful?

As you collect information from each test party you will have valuable information for setting commission percentages on personal sales, setting expectations and dollar-per-hour earnings from the compensation plan, and specifics of the hostess rewards program.

The test party outline included in the LaunchSmart workshop guides you through defining the program’s goals, which decisions need to be made, which tasks are to be performed, which materials need to be developed, and which responsibilities to be assigned.  Along with schedules and timelines, you’re all set to learn from the pilots and test parties.

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One thought on “MLM Pilots and Test Parties

  1. So true! You hit the nail on the head. Marketing 101- test your market. It’s a simple concept, but how many people think they’ve got the “next big thing” and it’s only after spending loads of money and lots of time that they realize their buyers don’t think it’s the next big thing. Great Insight!

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