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After more than 22 years in MLM operations and distributor service, I feel qualified to start providing unbiased, first-hand review of MLM software and Party Plan Software applications.  From the perspective of an MLM consultant specializing in distributor service, I must confess that categorically, I’ve not felt that the MLM software companies much care what I think, with only one exception.

The reader should also know that I do not receive commissions for referring MLM software, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight.  My interest is that my clients succeed, and I’ve made a few enemies by holding MLM software companies accountable.  Be sure to ask your MLM Consultant whether he or she receives a commission for referring software.  I think you’ll be surprised–and maybe dismayed–to learn that some advice is not completely objective nor entirely in your best interests.  In contrast, I dont’ even get “thank-you” cards or holiday fruitcakes from MLM software companies I’ve referred business to.  That’s a topic for another day.

While I will do my best to avoid cynicism, and in fairness to the great efforts that go into creating an MLM software solution, an important  truism is that there is no perfect solution.  To complicate things even more, the world of direct selling has not captured the imagination, skills, or investment of world-class technology providers, with only one exception.  Thus, while there are well-meaning, gifted contributors, for the most part they do not integrate to the essential backbones of business.  As a general rule, most are adequate–if not strong–in commission engines and genealogies, with best efforts to construct solutions for basic enterprise functions such as order entry and fulfillment.  Don’t count on much by way of ERP and inventory functionality, for instance, except outputs that can be imported for handling vis-a-vis external applications.

For a closer look at my personal MLM Software report card, contact me and I’ll discuss it with you.  If you’re a provider of MLM software and would like to be included in the review, let me know.  Otherwise, I’m only reviewing the applications that I have first-hand experience with.  This is only fair to the providers and consistent with my limited knowledge of technology.  From a user perspective, in the front lines and trenches with customer service reps and distributors, I will tell you what works and what doesn’t work.  After all, isn’t that really what matters when selecting MLM software solutions?

We are entering an interesting era where MLM software will need to respond to the needs of their customers, and not vice versa.  If it sounds as though I have an axe to grind, it’s because I do.  But mostly, I want to use my experience to the best advantage of my clients.  And, I’ll also be fair and objective.  Call or email anytime.  I welcome the feedback on MLM software and information that will help with the MLM Software Review.  If you’re a user, let me know your story.  If you’re an MLM software provider, I’d like to hear yours, as well.

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