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Party Plan Consultants Success – Training is Vital

Party Plan ConsultantsAs leading party plan consultants, we have the opportunity to see what really makes the great party plan companies great! Independent sales reps (reps) in party plan companies must have a very clear, step-by-step formula to follow. This is the only way to control the selling process and to eliminate the fear that often keeps them from wanting to do parties.

There are several basic areas that must be part of that system:

  • How to book parties, both at a party and in other settings
  • How to properly invite and remind guests so that attendance is good (be sure reps are using tools like texting and Facebook to their advantage)
  • How to coach the hostesses to make sure she does her part and reaps the rich rewards of the hostess reward program
  • How to set up, conduct the party, demonstrate and sell the product, take the orders, close out the party – literally everything to do with the logistics of the party and the selling process
  • What to say at the party to elicit bookings for additional parties from guests
  • What to say at the party to get those interested in a home-based business opportunity to step forward
  • How to gather additional sales after the party ends from those who couldn’t come or who were still sitting on the fence

The list could go on and on. You can define all of these essential elements yourself, or follow proven best practices outlined by party plan consultants like those at LaunchSmart. Of course, since we’ve served as party plan consultants to great companies like Avon, Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, and many others – we’ve had a chance to really see what works. The bottom line is you must have a system, and that system must be taught to all new reps very quickly after their arrival – otherwise, they just won’t move to action, because they don’t know what to do next.

Oh, and another tip from your party plan consultants – be sure that you establish a culture in your field sales organization where sponsors (the person who recruited a new rep) help them do their first few parties. This takes the fear out of the experience, provides “on-the-job training”, and helps assure parties are successful.

Here’s to your success, from your leading party plan consultants at LaunchSmart!

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