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Starting on Tuesday, September 20 at 8 a.m., we’ll deliver startup-oriented training to help you keep their business moving forward by relying on best practices from industry leaders. Expect to hear actionable advice to give your startup momentum. Attendees can also participate in one-on-one consulting roundtables that evening with industry-leading experts.


  • Entrepreneurs starting an MLM or home party company
  • Senior execs of companies planning to diversify into direct selling
  • Execs of early-stage, direct selling companies seeking momentum

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Business Segment #1 | Business Strategy

Your strategic plan will serve as the roadmap for every decision you make in forming and running your business. It should be completed early, with careful consideration given to each question. Unlike a business plan (which may be used to attract investors), the strategic plan is for internal use. Complete candor is vital, and will walk through the best way to tackle it.

Business Segment #2 | Finance

Do you understand your money systems and how to secure capital to launch your company? We’ll explore the best practices for long-term success, including setting up your business controls, company banking, payroll, and tax reporting.

Business Segment #3 | Legal & Regulatory

Distributor agreements, state registrations, and legal reviews are just a few of the things you’ll need to tackle. You’ll also want to set up your legal entity and ensure you’ve filed for protection of your intellectual property. Steve will review the best practices for getting your business on sound legal footing.

Business Segment #4 | Marketing, Web & Branding

How will you position you company? Do you know what kind of pricing strategy makes the most sense for your product or service? Plus, you need to create marketing materials. Marketing is a battle of perception, not product. We’ll show you the best practices for getting your idea or concept into people’s minds.

Business Segment #5 | Compensation Plan

Industry leaders recognize the make-or-break power of a great compensation plan. For most it becomes their most important product whether they are a product focused party plan company or a buying-club MLM opportunity. We’ll explain the best practices for designing and testing your compensation plan to fit your business.

Business Segment #6 | Recruiting & Sales

One of the most important things you must accomplish is building your initial field sales force―that early group of distributors who will drive the early growth and momentum for your business. What are the best practices for building your team?

Business Segment #7 | Field Training, Development & Communications

Success begins at “hello,” and so must training. Within 72 hours of signing up, a new recruit’s emotional juices have dissipated, and they are left to wonder if they did the right thing. We’ll cover the best practices for setting up people to succeed from the start.

Business Segment #8 | Operations & Distributor Services

To support your distributors, you need an organizational backbone that can deliver. We’ll walk through operational best practices, includes tasks like selecting an office location, organizing your staff, and sourcing your products.

Business Segment #9 | Software Technology

Some owners and CEOs will tell you that the biggest challenge they face in direct selling is the feeling of no control over their technology solution. We’ll review the best practices for selecting software and setting up your technology department.

Consulting Sessions

Throughout the workshop, attendees can sign up to attend one-on-one consulting meetings scheduled for that evening with the industry leaders who will participate throughout this event. Hear something that captures your interest during one of the segments? You can discuss it in detail during your meeting.
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