Are Your Tax Deductions Slipping Away?

Human nature never ceases to amaze. We haggle over a restaurant tip, but let tax deductions that may total hundreds of dollars slip through our fingers. We complain over high interest rates, but neglect to include that sales tax on our tax return. Why are we so fickle?
The reason for letting those dollars land in the U.S. Treasury at tax time is simple. There’s just no easy way to keep track of all those middling expenses that seem so insignificant until you decide one day to tally them. That’s when you realize you’ve actually been on a mission to lend a helping hand to the I.R.S. Did you know? But stop and ask yourself: Do you really want to fork over more money to Uncle Sam? Wouldn’t you rather keep your dough, especially when you realize those missed deductions are adding up to a sizable wad of cash?
It comes down to the aggravation factor, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from keeping what’s rightfully yours. Most of us feel Uncle Sam already keeps too much of our earnings.
Research demonstrates that the convenience factor is a huge element for most Americans, but you already knew that intuitively. Just think about how you go about your business each day in your car. You look for the shortest way to your destination, even if it costs you a little more.
What if you could record those small deductions on the go with the swipe of a card? That way come tax time, tallying all those small deductions could add up to a big savings for your small business. Now that’s a tax deal that hard to pass up!
Kelly Thayer – Deductr –
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