The Key to Party Plan Software

Ask the MLM Experts: What is the key to choosing the right MLM software or party plan software?

Terrel Transtrum, Leading MLM Consultant: I asked Dan Jensen, founder of Jenkon Software and the award-winning MLM compensation plan consultant.  He said, “THE MOST important issue for a party plan company is the party order entry system.  No matter how good the rest of the system is, if the party order entry doesn’t impress the thousands of consultants using it every time they do a party, then all is lost.”

Says Dan, “don’t buy based on ‘eye candy’ – how sexy it looks.  While that’s important, it’s something that can be improved.”  But the cornerstone in choosing party plan software is how you get a party into the system.  If that is user friendly, efficient, fast, intuitive, etc., then it will likely go over well with the field.  BIG issue.”

The key to choosing party plan software is the party order entry system.

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  1. Allan McNaughton  |  

    I have to agree with my colleague Dan on this. Ease of party entry is paramount to adoption by the field. They don’t care how good your other features are if it’s painful to enter a party order. Many systems fall down in this area. It’s actually a reason people leave one direct selling company for another. We have heard people say it took so long to enter orders that it wasn’t even worth the trouble. And if the field doesn’t like it, you’re in for a world of hurt… Allan McNaughton President & Co-founder AZULI SKYE

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