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Since 1988 the top MLM Consultant and his team of MLM consulting professionals have worked with more than a thousand companies, learning vital lessons along the way.  This blog entry gives concise and powerful guidance on how to start and run a successful MLM company, presenting three principles and four questions that will help guide you as you make important decisions regarding your MLM startup.

3 Principles

When considering how best to build the MLM sales force, bear in mind these key principles taught by the top MLM consultants in seminars and MLM consulting engagements:

  • Principle 1 – The sales force is a volunteer army of individuals.  Statistics show that 85% devote part time to the work, and they sell because they want to.  Never forget that.  If they become unhappy, for whatever reason, they won’t place another order and they won’t enroll another person.
  • Principle 2 – Sales people in direct selling think more like customers than like business people.  If they believe in a product and that it is good value in exchange for the money, they will sell it.  If they wouldn’t pay the asking price for it, they won’t sell it.
  • Principle 3 – The “trust / fear” equation is always present.  There is a direct correlation between the sales force’s trust in the company and the company’s success.  There is absolutely no promotion, contest, new product, or compensation plan that can make up for lack of trust.

4 Questions

When considering changes or enhancements, be sure to ask these 4 questions, the same ones that top MLM consultants will ask:

  • Question 1 – Is this a good decision for the new and part-time sales people?  Whenever you are considering a change, contest, incentive, or promotion, ask whether it adds to or reduces profit; adds to or reduces paperwork; aids or hampers recruiting; makes selling easier; makes recruiting easier?
  • Question 2 – Is this a good decision for new and mid-level leaders?  Always consider any changes or enhancements in light of the same questions—does it make recruiting easier or harder; does it make being a leader easier or harder?
  • Question 3 – Is this a good decision for top-level leaders?  Because this area is not as “black and white,” keep in mind that leaders are more tied to the company an income from their businesses.  If it’s good for new and part-time sales people and leaders, but not for top leaders, it still may be acceptable in the long-run, but always ask the question.
  • Question 4 – Is this a good decision for the company?  Many times non-sales department functions make decisions that adversely impact the sales force.  For instance, a strong CFO or financial director may rigorously enforce refund policies and refuse to pay refunds that have been approved by a front-line agent who is trying to keep a distributor from canceling.
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