Your MLM and Party Plan Company Story

We just returned from the DSA (Direct Selling Association) bootcamp for MLM startups and early stage companies, including party plan startups.  The highlight for me was the workshop co-presented by three founders who told their stories of why they started their businesses.

The powerful, common theme of their individual presentations had three parts to their stories.

  1. The product story – how they came to choose their products and where their passion for the products comes from
  2. The earnings story – their individual versions of the business story from the perspective of the MLM distributor and party plan consultant
  3. The company story – the passion that fuels the company and the vision they each have for their company

A question presented to the three-member panel was, “what if I don’t have such a great story?”  You could have heard a pin drop when the reply came: “Every company has its story to tell; you don’t make it up, you find it and then learn how to meaningfully and consistently tell it.”

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