10 Steps Towards Launch!

Over the next five weeks, we’ll be presenting “10 Steps Towards Launch!” We’ll go over everything you need to know in order to get your new Direct Selling or MLM/Network Marketing company off to a great start!

How can you be sure that you are ready to start a new Direct Selling or MLM/Network Marketing company?  Let’s show you! 

  • Importantly, start by determining whether direct selling is right for you.
  • Recognize that there are three phases of launch and growth, each one an important building block that serves an important purpose in the roll-out:
    • Pre Launch, where proof of concept and viability are tested and determined
    • Soft Launch, when a company is functioning, often at a bare-bones operational level
    • Hard Launch (or official launch), where a company is “open for business.”

There are basically 10 business segments for your direct selling or MLM company, each containing a list of best practices.  With the right planning and resources, you can test your company against these best practices to determine gaps.  By closing the gaps with proper planning and action, you can be ready to open your doors for business.

 In coming features, we will present the ten business segments and best practices associated with those business segments.  We will offer examples of descriptions of best practices that are contained in our “Launch Ready” assessment, used to guide a client through the process of determining gaps between where they are and what needs to be in place to successfully launch their MLM business.

For more information and help launching a successful Direct Selling or MLM business, contact Terrel Transtrum terrel@launchsmart.com

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