10 Steps Towards Launch! Part 2 - Sales & Recruiting

The following is part 2 in our 10-part series entitled “10 Steps Towards Launch!” by Terrel Transtrum, President/Founder of ServiceQuest. If you are thinking about starting a new direct selling company, contact us today!


The second of ten business segments that we help our clients to analyze is SALES & RECRUITING.  This segment of MLM launch planning centers around the MLM Sales and Recruiting strategies and best practices.


  • Recruiting your Company’s First 500 Distributors
  • Creating the Right Starter Kit for a Successful MLM Distributor
  • Selecting the Right Sales Tools for your MLM Selling System
  • Designing an Effective Fast Start System for New MLM Distributors
  • Creating an Effective MLM Selling System for Your Products
  • Promotions & Contests that Create Excitement
  • Implementing Your Company’s Retention Plan
  • Favorite On-Ramps and Special Packs for New Distributors
  • Implementing an Effective Communication Plan that Reaches Distributors
  • Awards, Incentives and Recognition Programs for MLM Distributors


Here are examples of descriptions that you might write for your MLM Launch Best Practice:


  1. Sales Tools – We have developed sales tools presentation videos, tutorials, brochures, DVD presentations, business cards, samples, mobile applications, email templates, web resources, logo merchandise, and specialized tools that best support our model.
  2. Communication Plan – We have a carefully designed communication plan to foster an environment of continuous, high-impact communications, integrated with the calendar, distributor / consultant back office, social media, and various channels (such as conference calls, emails, and text).
  3. Retention Plan – We have a retention plan which includes reporting, team training, compensation elements, a hearty welcome, achievable rewards, training, and communication.

With careful planning, you can create your own checklist to ensure a successful launch of your MLM company. For more information, contact Terrel Transtrum terrel@launchsmart.com

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