Why LaunchSmart for Party Plan & MLM Startups?

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LaunchSmart™ is the award-winning, step-by-step system and support for starting and running a successful MLM or Party Plan company.

We have taken all of our learning—the best practices, lessons learned, specific programs and approaches that have worked for hundreds of companies—and have put these into the LaunchSmart™ System.

There are no guarantees in the world of entrepreneurship. But there is a right way to go about it, and we’ve mapped the process. That process begins with a comprehensive assessment, followed by detailed planning, and then laser-sharp execution. Along the way, we support you as much or as little as you wish.

Whether or not you require any of these, we are at your service:

  • A little support or comprehensive support
  • Compensation Plan design
  • Coaching in legal and compliance
  • A detailed growth and financial model
  • Help with selection and implementation of MLM or Party Plan Software
  • Coaching through strategy and planning for your venture
  • Complete consulting support all the way through launch
  • Website design and social media marketing
  • Corporate image
  • Templates for standard operating procedures and scripts
  • Hosts of MLM and Party Plan business elements

How LaunchSmart™ Started

Since 1988 ServiceQuest® (the group that brings you LaunchSmart™) has worked inside hundreds and hundreds of MLM and Party Plan companies, sleeves rolled up and guiding growth and expansion in virtually all areas. Because business is not an exact science, we built LaunchSmart™ on the foundation of best practices and expert resources in MLM and Party Plan startup.

Our laboratory has been the halls of some of the most successful organizations on earth, including Melaleuca, Pampered Chef, Herbalife, Prepaid Legal, Creative Memories and more than 300 others. We know how to start successful companies, and we work with some of the best.

Over the years, our phone has often rung when owners and executives are stuck and not growing, are having breakdowns in distributor service and internal operations, or are suffering from severe distributor attrition. While we take great pride in helping our clients, we boldly embrace the philosophy that building a company correctly from the outset can save time, aggravation, and a lot of money. And, it is the difference between “make or break.”

How it Works so That You Succeed

Our investment in the relationship with you begins with the free Guided Assessment and consultation. Where other consultants charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars in fees just to get started, we pick up the tab on all the front-end work. If you’re willing to invest some time to get acquainted, so are we.

But you should know that we move fast. Speed to market is vital!

  • The help you need when you need it: decades of proven consulting expertise in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Party Plan, and Direct Sales
  • Guidance from our Direct Sales and MLM consultants to successfully launch your company with legacy compensation plans, marketing strategies, efficient operational infrastructure, dynamic branding and market positioning, web marketing strategies, top leadership recruitment, online distributor training systems, and much more
  • Direct Sales and MLM Consulting experience since 1988 with hundreds of companies and startups
  • Customized resources that shorten learning curves and save time & money
  • Fast, efficient, affordable methods designed to help you get started today

The 7 Core Areas of Starting and Running a Successful MLM

The most effective approach for creating and launching is to organize the launch plan into 7 core areas for starting and running a successful MLM or Party Plan company:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing & Tools
  • Compensation Plan
  • Recruiting & Training
  • Software & Operations
  • Legal & Compliance
  • International Markets

Throughout the LaunchSmart™ website, as in the LaunchSmart™ system, this framework provides a consistent and reliable path to launch.

Let us help you create a successful MLM company or Party Plan company.

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