An MLM Money Machine

Your business should be much more than an MLM Money Machine.  Some view business in purely financial terms: business is nothing more than a way to create money.  Everything else is superfluous.  This approach can work, but it’s a very limiting way of doing business.  It squeezes the joy out of being a business owner or member of the team that creates the success of the business, especially in MLM which is a relationship business.

Some are intimidated by the financial side of business and, therefore, avoid financial management.  “As long as the bills get paid, I don’t worry about finances,” is a common, casual disclaimer.  This approach might work temporarily, but it is also limiting because it ignores the great potential that lies within the business.

Each view by itself is shortsighted.  Both approaches leave something of value out of the business equation.  And both diminish the chances of achieving the company’s true potential.

Your MLM business, like any business, should be about making your life better, not merely paying the bills.  The financial view of your business—as long as it’s not the only view—is an essential element of your management arsenal.  The pursuit of money, when balanced with the other aspects of your life on the way to achieving your personal purpose and passion, is appropriate and should be one of your most important business objectives.  In other words, always keep in mind that a successful MLM business is one that fuels the path toward your purpose and passion.  And the financial strength of your MLM business is a key component to its success.

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