Ask the MLM Consultant: Legal Protections for Trade Secrets


What legal protections should I put in place as I prepare to launch my new MLM company?  Thanks, KH


A company’s trade secrets are it lifeblood.  If this information is not protected, the MLM company’s livelihood is at risk of attack.  Various methods (ranging from copyrights and trademarks to patents and other Intellectual Property (IP) strategies) will help you to protect your valuable assets.  Most MLM and Home Party companies sell consumer products and services, making it a highly competitive and very crowded field.  It is therefore crucial to protect names, marks, symbols, and slogans that help create the unique brand and image that set the company apart from its competition.

The surest way to protect your new MLM start-up is to study the free MLM resources at the LaunchSmart website, and to seek guidance from a leading MLM attorney or MLM law firm that provides MLM legal services.  It’s also common for your intellectual property / trademark attorney to work with the MLM legal services team.

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