Break Down Startup Barriers With Help From MLM Consulting Teams

Breaking down the startup barriers can be challenging, but with help from the world of MLM consulting, the challenge may become more bearable.

For anyone who understands the drive and motivating factors behind starting and running an MLM company, the potential for talented individuals to re-invent themselves as business owners will come as no surprise.  Through teamwork, resilience and the “sky’s the limit” attitude, anything is possible.

In our daily and weekly work in MLM consulting, we assist new businesses with the long list of challenges they face in taking a bright idea to market.  We also find that they value mentoring and training that gives them the edge in their new venture.

For instance, a visionary husband-wife team from Corona, California launched their business a year ago and they are already being pushed by the business to transform from visionary entrepreneurs to experienced executives.  “It came faster than I could have expected,” confessed CEO Mark Stidham.  “But then, the obvious steps are to strap in and ride hard.”

And ride hard is an understatement.  Stidham and his gifted partner (and wife) show no fear in the face of extraordinary growth.  “To go from an idea to $10 million in annualized sales in a year pushes us beyond anything we could have anticipated,” continues Stidham.

He describes his venture as the launching pad for a lifelong endeavor to make a difference, especially in the lives of stay-at-home moms who want a fresh, profitable, and flexible business.  Working with a team that specializes in MLM consulting has lifted confidence levels, which in turn  has boosted momentum.

His advice?  “Keep it simple, stay focused, and maintain your sense of humor.”  That, and work with professionals that have dedicated themselves to the field of MLM consulting.  “When you consider how much you can lose by not keeping up with the demands of the business, or by experimenting in ways that you have no business (or time) experimenting and dabbling in, you will quickly see the value in MLM advisory and MLM consulting services.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Terrel Transtrum is Founder and CEO of ServiceQuest, a global consulting and training firm specializing in MLM and direct selling.

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