Choosing the Right MLM Software

When choosing the right mlm software for your company, always start with the fundamentals.

MLM software and Party Plan software rely on complete business systems and sub-systems that handle the rigors of setting up accounts, processing orders, managing payments, handling returns & exchanges, processing commissions, and effectively administering service transactions with distributors.    Virtually every company must consider lead management, and most offer an array of web services to support customers and distributors.

From our perspective as expert MLM consultants, the single greatest risk that a company faces when deciding to design its own software (or to purchase MLM software from a vendor who is designing it as they go through their development learning curves), is that developers typically come from a traditional business environment and understand business rules and operations (or not), or they come from the unique world of MLM genealogies, party plan commissions, and hostess incentives but fall short in the knowledge of business rules and best practices.  Either way, the risks are high and the result can be catastrophic.

We have found that the MLM and Home Party marketing channel is still small on a comparative global basis, and therefore it does not yet compete for the attention of the full-featured business enterprise software developers.  This is not to say that we are critical of the talented and devoted developers and programmers who serve our clients; it’s to say that the MLM software and Party Plan software solutions, as a whole, are at the front-end of their maturity curves, with still a lot of work ahead to do to get it right.

The good news is that we have identified several providers along the way who measure up to our demanding standards for MLM software and Party Plan software.  As the months and years roll by, they get better and better.

Whether you create your own MLM software (“build or buy MLM software”) or whether you select an existing solution and adapt it to your business needs, be prepared to be engaged, be smart, and be patient when choosing the right MLM software.

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