Competency 1: Distributor Accounts & Enrollment Processing

Enrollment Processing provides the critical path for serving all new customers and independent reps.  The enrollment process can be a simple system, yet it is the crucial first step the business process.  Failure to master the design and management of this process has an effect that will ripple through the company, affecting virtually every element of output.  An account properly set up can yield astonishing cost savings—costs that otherwise bite into company profits through poor customer service, increased labor dollars for dealing with the constant barrage of problems flowing from sloppy work at the outset, and all other direct and indirect costs associated with a decision to not correctly perform a task in the first place.

The goal of our work is to help make the enrollment process a simple, predictable, and flexible system that is scalable while being accomplished through multiple avenues and media including the telephone, the Internet, the mail, and (still) the fax machine.  The elements of the Business Process Guide answer a host of common questions related to processes, systems, and the effective establishment of an operations structure that is based on sound management and operations principles.  The guide and your LaunchSmart coach will present standards, processes, illustrations and blueprints, forms, reports, checklists, and model systems and processes for launching and improving your enrollment and distributor / customer account maintenance system.

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