Competency 2: Order Entry

Order Entry and processing is the core of your MLM and Party Plan business.  Commissions are wholly dependent on the order.  The order process consists of multiple steps, each of which has potential problems and pitfalls.  If one of the steps breaks down, the order cannot be successfully completed, creating disappointments for the customer who intends to use the products, the distributor who counts on the order for meeting their volume and qualification requirements, and for the company who suffers the various losses associated with delays and lost orders.

The objective of your order entry system is to help assure the consistent, accurate, and timely processing and fulfilling of orders.  The order process should be a simple, predictable, and flexible system that is scalable while accomplished through a variety of media including the telephone, the Internet, the mail, and the fax machine.  The elements of the Business Process Guide answer a host of common questions related to processes, systems, and the effective establishment of an operations structure that is based on sound management and operations principles.  The guide and your LaunchSmart coach will present standards, processes, illustrations and blueprints, forms, reports, checklists, and model systems and processes for launching and improving your order entry and processing system

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