Competency 6: Customer Service & Technology

Extraordinary customer service in MLM and Party Plan Companies requires extraordinary people and processes, and it will yield extraordinary results.

Customer service is arguably at the core of all you do.  Like all people, reps want to be healthy, wealthy, successful, and happy.  By being attentive to your relationship with each rep and creating emotional connections, you contribute to the rep’s success and happiness.  While it may be true that a rep will not burst into tears of joy over a smooth customer service experience (although it’s genuinely happened to me more than once—not my tears of joy but the rep’s), we maintain that customer service is the new competitive battleground.  Good service is the gateway for a rep to discover your company’s culture.

Today’s reps are more sophisticated than ever before, and they have some amazing options.  So it’s not unusual for them to take their business and loyalties elsewhere if they do not receive exceptional support.  This includes proactive support (not just when they call you for help).

We observe how commission plans are imitated.  We see a parade of products that are valuable and useful.  We associate with visionary, passionate, and effective corporate leaders.  These are no longer the great differentiators.  The differentiator is the rep experience—the relationship foundation, the emotional connections, and the loyalty they give back.  But this can only occur on a foundation of solid processes and consistent and (where possible) extraordinary responses and responsiveness from your distributor service team.

Distributor service philosophies and practices permeate our training systems.  We harp on the elements that comprise successful service experiences supported by the business processes.  You can (and should) actually engineer certain processes to create extraordinary and consistent experiences, and these can be found in your business processes.  Since our firm is totally and completely immersed in Happy Distributors, much exists and more will be forthcoming through our training and best practices coaching.  However, we attempt in the Business Process Guide to at least present the real-world aspects of interaction processes to the degree that they depend on the software and associated policies and practices.

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