Competency 8: Administration

The Administration function in MLM and Party Plan Companies refers to the administration of business processes, with the responsibility to ensure business processes are operating properly.  In many organizational charts, Administration refers to the physical plant, office operations, etc.  Both are correct.  In our world, we refer to the System Administrator as the individual who is on the lookout for potential problems that can hold up processes such as unposted orders or shipments that have not been ship verified.

This function is accountable (as an individual administrator as well as a departmental team) to both company management as well as to the distributor force who depend on 24/7 effectiveness of the business processes.

The success of a fast-growth direct selling company is found in its ability to respond to change.  Every direct selling organization has to build into its very structure the management of change.  Forces that affect change in fast-growth MLM and Party Plan companies come from all angles:

  • Legally mandated issues such as the “5 customer rule” or the “70% rule”
  • Sales-driven challenges that respond to trends and newly discovered sales techniques
  • Marketing-based opportunities in an ever-evolving global market based more and more in technology
  • Relationship and connection-based situations
  • Growth and scale-related demands (including manufacturing, financial, and fulfillment)
  • Technology-driven mandates

Regardless of the sources and types of change, adaptation and innovation are essential.  As circumstances require, system administrators can keep up by understanding their business processes and knowing the settings within their enterprise application.  Familiarity with these can alleviate, if not delay, the need for much of the custom programming that is costly and usually aggravating.

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