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Since 1988 we’ve worked with over 350 direct selling companies. The LaunchSmart™ System teaches you the BEST PRACTICES that must be followed for you to succeed. Over 80% of OUR startup companies succeed! START INTERACTING with our experts using any of the RESOURCES BELOW to begin to discover the secrets to success.

1. Free Business Assessment and Consultation:Click here to request the complimentary consultation and assessment form
Complete and return a brief assessment form. The assessment reveals the best practices you must follow to be successful, and helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses in each area. You’ll also share with us a little about your business concept. Once we receive the form back, we’ll schedule a complimentary follow-up consultation call where one of our Founders will provide valuable coaching, answer your questions, and give you their no nonsense assessment of your likelihood of success.

2. Join our Free LaunchSmart Community and receive complete access to:

Join our Free LaunchSmart Community

  • Our “Ask The Expert” feature – where you can ask your most pressing questions and get answers from one of our experts.
  • Free periodic training webinars exclusive to our member community.
  • Stay up to speed on the latest information and trends through our member-only newsletter.

3. Purchase the LaunchSmart Start-Up Guide:LaunchSmart Start-Up Guide
Get the most comprehensive start-up guide and begin learning about the best practices that will lead to your success. View the table of contents

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