Direct Selling Distributors Are The Enemy!

Simply, not so! MLM Distributors are not the enemy in the whirlwind of frustrations in the halls of an MLM startup.
Where a MLM startup can be a daunting task, always begin with the single objective of creating a company that is dedicated to the success of the individual distributor. This is the entrepreneur that gets out of bed and decides whether s/he is going to work for you that day. As hurdles appear, you are expected to be the hero. Those hurdles are communicated to you in many ways, most commonly through a call or email from a distributor who has felt the pain of rejection, the disappointment of a mis-picked order, or the discouragement of missing points required for their dream trip.

With so much to focus on, work on creating a consciousness (and sub-consciousness) around the best practices that your company can follow to sustain growth and retention. This should start by a commitment to avoiding any reference or belief that there is an enemy, at least that the enemy is the distributor.

Throughout 25 years working with more than 400 companies, I’m astonished by the number of executives in MLM and home party companies who say or reflect, “I would love this business if it weren’t for the demanding, arrogant, whining, needy distributors.” Sadly, these tones and the motives behind them come through loud and clear in virtually every aspect of that executive’s corporate domain.

Importantly, always remember that humans have a filter through which myriad non-verbal signals pass. Our research reveals that those distributors who quit express their reasons as one or more of the following:

  1. Poor Communication
  2. Poor Support
  3. Unmet Expectations
  4. Poor Training
  5. Life Changes

Each of these bears a strong element of “not caring,” or worse, the undercurrent that the distributor isn’t important or is executive enemy #1.

If you are looking for an enemy, it’s in poor systems or the lack of systems. Best practices in MLM operations, MLM distributor service, commission processing/compensation plan, MLM social media, and so on, will serve your company well.

A best practice for an executive is to re-direct his/her frustration, especially when the notion of annoyance toward distributors (individually and collectively alike) surfaces. Instead, direct the frustration toward the lack of a good system and follow that with a commitment to correct the system to work better for you. Fix your broken systems and you will defeat the real enemy.

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