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THE Premier Educational Experience for starting and growing a direct selling company – MLM or Home Party. Brought to you by LaunchSmart™ – and our most trusted friends . . .

  • Learn from the “A team” of direct selling specialists
  • DSA Partnership AwardRepresent six of the prestigious Direct Selling Association “Ethos Award” Winners
  • Held in the Mecca of Direct Selling – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • NO SELLING – All learning
  • Over 250 years of direct selling experience
  • Our team members have consulted with 54 of the 100 largest direct selling companies in the world
  • Optional behind-the-scenes company tour of successful startup, to be scheduled.


September 23-25, 2015, Held in Direct Selling’s Heartland – Salt Lake City, Utah. An optional tour of successful direct selling startup, to be scheduled.


  • Strategic Planning

    • Recruiting Dynamic Executives
    • Creating The Company Value Proposition
    • Go to Market Strategy
    • Owning Your Company Story
    • Creating the Company Culture

  • Legal & Regulatory

    • Understanding Major Pitfalls
    • Managing the IRS
    • Protecting Intellectual Properties

  • Marketing

    • Branding/Web Design
    • Creating your Mobile Strategy
    • Leveraging Social Media & Online Marketing
    • Product /Pricing

  • Operations & Customer Services

    • The Nordstrom Approach
    • Managing Inventory
    • Home Office Tours
    • Launches Pre, Soft and Hard
    • Your business in a box

  • and so much more…

  • Financial Considerations

    • Funding Resources How & When
    • The Lean & Mean Philosophy
    • Business Processes The Devil is in the Details
    • Profit & Non Profit

  • Compensation Plan & Software Technology

    • Understanding your options
    • Designing a plan for your products
    • Creating Specific Behaviors
    • Product Driven vs Recruiting Driven
    • Build vs Buy
    • What to look for & Pitfalls

  • Recruiting & Training Corporate & Field

    • Finding the right leadership
    • Knowing your customers
    • The Magic of a Business Presentation
    • Using Social Media
    • Secrets of building a volunteer army
    • Creating System Dependency
    • The Magic of Great Events
    • Why Field Communication is Critical

What You Get

“In the world of directs selling startups, only 18% survive past one year. More than 80% of those who follow our systems are in business and growing after one year. What makes the difference? They have products and services that add true value, they have taken time to learn and implement proven best practices, and they associate themselves with the best team of advisors in direct selling to guide their path.”

~Terrel Transtum Co-Founder of LaunchSmart™ and the Direct Selling Symposium™

Who Should Attend?

  • All entrepreneurs seeking to start a direct selling company (home party or MLM)
  • All senior executives of existing companies seeking to diversify into direct selling
  • Executives of early stage direct selling companies seeking to increase momentum
  • No direct selling industry service providers or vendors will be allowed to attend other than those listed on our website, thank you!

So…why are we doing this?

That’s a great question. And our decision to organize and provide a startup conference for multi-level and home party entrepreneurs did not come without a great deal of consideration. Really, the decision to take it on was driven by our philosophies at LaunchSmart™.

Terrel Transtrum (Co-Founder of LaunchSmart™) has served direct selling companies for over 20 years, and I for over a decade. Together we have served over 350 clients and over half of the top 100 direct selling companies. We’ve discovered and refined the best practices that are proven to lead to early success and sustained growth in a direct selling environment. And at LaunchSmart™ – our business model is to provide tools, training, coaching, and mentoring to give you what you need to be successful – NOT do it all for you!

This approach is based on sound education and tools and is not only yielding an amazing success rate (80%+) for startup launches – but is far more affordable than the alternative – expensive consulting firms. And . . . we don’t do it alone. We lock arms with specialists in a wide variety of areas – strategic allies that help us provide everything the startup needs. These are people we’ve come to know and trust over the years. We work with them in our startup projects for one reason – they provide excellent services at reasonable prices. It’s our “A Team.”

So that brings us back to the Direct Selling Symposium™. What we realized is that there was void in the marketplace. There was no high-level quality educational experience at an affordable price for entrepreneurs wanting to start and grow a direct selling company – or diversify their existing business into the powerful direct selling space, which is generating nearly $30 billion of annual revenues in the U.S. alone. Oh sure, there are other startup conferences. But they do a little teaching and a lot of selling! And therein lies the need. The need for integrity and the provision of value in an open educational event.

So to meet that need, we decided to bring our “A Team” to you. To have them teach you for two days. To allow you to rub shoulders with them, ask them your questions, and even sit down for a personal consultation with you – all covered in the cost of your attendance. Now, at the Direct Selling Symposium™, you can pick up their catalog, you can ask them what they do and what they charge – that’s up to you. But all of us will be there for one purpose, to teach and serve YOU!

See you in Salt Lake City. Best Regards, Terrel Transtrum CEO – LaunchSmart™ Direct Selling Symposium™ Director

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