DSA Partnership Award Presented to Top MLM Consultant

Accepting the 2009 DSA Partnership Award, Top MLM Consultant Terrel Transtrum thanked the audience of more than 1,000 of his colleagues and peers, “The DSA tonight recognizes the extreme value of serving distributors well, of doing all we can to assure their success.”

“To the front-line customer service agents who wrangle with the most challenging issues in business, who put on their best faces every morning, and who represent our companies with confidence and courage, this award sends the message that you are our best hope for keeping relationships into the relationship business of direct selling.”

The Direct Selling Association Partnership Award recognizes supplier member companies that provide the most impactful and measurable services and goods to its members.  Terrel Transtrum is the first and only MLM Consultant to receive the prestigious DSA Partnership Award for services related to MLM Best Practices, MLM Customer Service, MLM Operations, MLM Startup, and related coaching provided by an MLM Consultant and MLM Consulting Team.

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