Field Training & Customer Education – Consider the Life Cycle

By Terrel Transtrum, Founder of LaunchSmart™

Field training and customer education comprise the fuel mixture that propels your organization forward. Customers and field reps have distinct, measurable phases in their lifecycles, naturally occurring in various categories of activity. Training content and delivery methodologies must be matched to specific needs at each phase of a lifecycle, beginning immediately upon enrollment. All training should be behavior / performance driven.

The illustration below demonstrates the concept of identifying the various classes of customers and field reps (defined by activity groupings) and sets a framework for matching the training and education of each class to the activity phase of the specific class of customer or field rep in their life cycle. To complete the matrix, we must identify the training required for each class of customer or field rep at their various activity phases.

This important planning and evaluation assures that your target the right training at the right time to meet your field reps’ specific needs.

Activity Phases

Pre-Enrollment First Week 90 Days Activity Phase I Activity Phase II Activity Phase III Inactivity
Class Prospect

Identify training required for each cell

Field rep I (low income)
Field rep II (middle income)
Field rep II (high income)

Action: Identify the important activity phases for your field reps and the corresponding training required for each phase.

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