Happy MLM Distributors

Happy MLM Distributors?  What is the Leading MLM Consultant Terrel Transtrum doing writing a Blog for MLM Startups?  Isn’t he the recognized leader in MLM Customer Service?

Who better than the warrior from the front lines who talks with distributors and interacts, trains, and inspires the front-line customer service agents in hundreds of MLM companies from around the world?

When Terrel added MLM Startup Consulting to his practice, clients saw it was a move in the right direction.  “He’s the best in MLM Customer Service, so why not help companies do it correctly from the very start?” said Mark Pentecost, CEO of ItWorks Marketing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  ItWorks supports more than 30,000 active MLM distributors who market their trimming and health products in all parts of the United States.

Transtrum maintains that the key to successful MLM is successful and happy MLM distributors.  Training customer service agents to be extraordinary in the way they serve MLM distributors, Transtrum’s methods have been refined over more than two decades in MLM Consulting.  “It’s all about the distributor,” he says with a confident smile.  “It’s all about the HAPPY distributor.”  Indeed, it really is all about the happy MLM distributor.  And who better to guide you through your MLM startup than the author and trainer who “wrote the book” on Happy Distributors?

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3 Thoughts on “Happy MLM Distributors

  1. This couldn’t be more true! Nothing will get done until you have happy distributors. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet Terrel. He was able to help us find a problem we didn’t know existed and now we’re running smoother than ever!

  2. I agree with having the distributor being happy! Everything always seems to go smoothly when people are happy. People will wonder why you sound so happy on the phone, or smiling at co workers, it really does make a difference. Spread the sunshine!!! 🙂

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