How do I make sure my launch event immediately ignites the field?

If you are like most entrepreneurs and owners, by the time you are ready to launch, you will be approaching exhaustion and you will wish that you had started planning the launch event far in advance. By taking time to organize the launch event much earlier than usual, you will find that a little planning will go a long way to making your launch event much more effective.

One of the key principles that guides effective launch events is the realization that your approach will greatly influence how future business builders in your field sales organization will present the business. MLM Distributors run the full range of approaches and styles. Party Plan Consultants represent an array of methods. Not only is the event a time to introduce your company to the world, but it will also define your culture, communicate your unique value proposition, and set the stage for the months that will follow. With proper planning, the launch event will be like a grand opening that will allow you to communicate your company’s strength, the owners’ vision, the systems and infrastructure that instill confidence, and the particulars of your products and compensation plan.

In the world of event planning, six months is often too short a timeline! As early as possible, decide the best venue and secure commitments. The venue may be simple and humble, such as your corporate offices; or, it may be a popular destination with amenities and extras. There is not a “right” or “wrong” venue, but there is what’s best for your company.

“Pre-launch” refers to the period before your company’s “grand opening” or official launch event. Pre-launch is a practical-and often, wise-tool for channeling pre-launch enthusiasm and leveraging the energy that comes with the anticipation of something new and exciting. Some companies have exploited this energy into a significant business phase, lasting as long as a year before the company officially launches. Among all the advantages, one of the most significant is the opportunity to have the flexibility to meet the realities of when you are really ready to open for business.

The pre-launch (some refer to it as a “soft” launch) can be much less formal, and its timing can be much more flexible, than the official launch. For example, if your target is to launch in April, but MLM software issues or distributor recruiting challenges push business into end of May before you can begin taking orders, a “soft launch” that begins May 1 allows you to gather the early leaders, inform them of logistics and timelines, and support the inevitable: they will be taking pre-enrollments and building momentum on sheer anticipation. Manage this carefully, and it will serve your company well.

Importantly, as you will see from the checklist below, “launch” and “pre-launch” are almost not correct titles for what really must happen to get launched. Important communications, field leadership councils, distributor meetings, consultant training, marketing and design elements, early leadership identification and development-in essence you are well into the operation of your business long before it is “launched” in terms of a “grand opening.”

MLM Launch Event Checklist & Key Considerations for Party Plan Grand Opening
Have we organized the two phases of Launch Planning and Execution?

  • PHASE I – Pre-Launch Activities
    • Pre-Launch Strategy & Calendar
    • Pre-Launch Communications Plan
    • “Political” Communications
    • Pre-Launch Newsletter
    • Pre-Launch Conference Call Calendar
    • Field Advisory Council
    • Founders Group or President’s Council
    • Launch Distributor Development Program
    • Plan Leadership Kickoff Event
    • Execute the Leadership Kickoff Event
    • Pre-Launch Period and Event
    • Pre-Launch Advertising Campaign
    • Develop Pre-Launch Information Response Systems
    • Plan Pre-Launch Event
    • Execute Pre-Launch Event
  • PHASE II – Official Launch
    • Company Launch and Event
    • Company Launch Event Advertising Campaign
    • Develop Launch Information Response Systems
    • Plan Company Launch Event
    • Execute Company Launch Event
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