How to Raise Capital for Your MLM Startup

During these economic times the need to raise capital for your MLM startup has never been more urgent.  Not only is it a great time to jump into business–if you do it right–but creativity and determination is rewarded more than ever.

Meanwhile, the availability for investment funding has nearly dried up from traditional resources.  Bank loans are rare, venture capital is in limbo, the public markets are slow to recover.  And, you want to start an MLM?  Yes!  Start an MLM business and raise the capital you need to get started.

LaunchSmart is now demonstrating a whole new approach in gathering funds by accessing, presenting and providing the right information to a new breed of investor groups that are funding right now.  And they are funding MLM startups.  We have taken on the online social network world, made changes for the real world, and then adapted it for the recession to finally have a working system that brings investment for your MLM startup and Party Plan startup.

Contact us, and we will show you how to learn and then apply the secrets:

  • How to get cash without a business loan
  • Get funded without losing control of your business
  • Three things to NEVER ask an investor
  • How to get investors you never new existed
  • Making a “Recession-proof” plan
  • What ever investor is demanding in a recession
  • How to find funding for you MLM startup, in your area . . . FAST
  • Business changes to raise capital in a recession
  • How to get funding using your social network

We have persisted in our quest to find the first-ever, proven solution to raising capital for your MLM startup.  Our “no-bull” approach has a proven track record of successful business development, assembling executive teams for your startup, raising substantial startup capital, syndicating venture capital and merging & selling companies.

To learn more about what’s going on, and to take advantage of our system for raising startup capital for your MLM or Party Plan, contact us when you’re ready.

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