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Are LaunchSmart MLM Consultants Right For You?

Is LaunchSmart™ Right for You?

At LaunchSmart™, we do things a certain way.

Designed for success, the LaunchSmart™ system combines consulting with process, allowing you to leverage what we have learned working with hundreds and hundreds of companies (not just startups, but also many of the greatest MLM and Party Plan companies on the planet). We mix knowledge and experience with streamlined processes.

The outcome? Faster results. And our clients are still in business!

Which option is best for you?

Do It Completely On Your Own

Hire A “Full Service” Consulting Firm

Call LaunchSmart™

The People

  • You know where your team is strong and where it is weak
  • If you decide to do it yourself, keep in mind that LaunchSmart™ is a phone call away.
  • There are some good options, but most have only worked with MLM startups and have not been inside the MLM giants
  • Some are just getting started as consultants, be careful
  • 300+ companies, 35% of them startups, 65% of them already established
  • Co-founders recipient of 2009 DSA Partnership Award
  • INC 500 Award
  • Melaleuca President’s Award
  • 22 Years in MLM and Party Plan executive management and startup

The Team

  • You must have significant business and MLM / network marketing experience
  • An option if your team has limited or no experience
  • Overkill if you are confident in your business skills and abilities and are self disciplined and can devote sufficient time and energy
  • An option if your team has limited or no experience
  • If you and your team have reasonable business knowledge and skills – specific MLM experience is not necessary

The Risks

  • Potential for costly errors learned through the “school of hard knocks.”
  • Potential for “false starts” and greater risk of business failure.
  • “Full Service” consulting firms may not clearly define their accountabilities, deliverables and hidden costs.
  • To succeed, you implement what you are taught using the tried-and-proven methods and tools.
  • No action on your part = no results.
  • If you have vision and are action-oriented, you will succeed with LaunchSmart™.

The Relationship

  • Complete self-reliance and independence. This option allows you to “do it your way.”
  • Potentially steep learning curve.
  • Once in motion, you are dependent on the additional products and services from “affiliate” providers. Otherwise, the consulting firm cannot support the full implementation.
  • Simply be prepared to be “joined at the hip” until you launch
  • You maintain your vision and direction, and we become your success partners, matching our skills with yours while providing project guidance, training, consulting, resources, and support at each step.
  • As much or as little support as you need, when you need it; we thrive on long-term relationships

The Tools and Systems

  • Create systems and processes as you go
  • Seldom get to it
  • Services and add-ons are often provided on a “custom” basis – sometimes resulting in high-priced tools and systems with limited flexibility
  • Combines expert training and consulting with a specific action plan and timetable
  • Systems and processes based on best practices followed by the MLM giants

The Price

  • No immediate price to pay
  • Costly drain on personal time
  • Less expensive in the short run – often more costly in the long run
  • Varies—from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars
  • Most expensive and can deplete essential capital reserves too early
  • Be sure to get all the specifics from provider
  • Free Guided Assessment and Initial Consultation, no strings attached. It’s our investment in the relationship.
  • Low-cost entry with strong ROI (return on investment)
  • Designed for extreme value while conserving precious startup and operating capital

So . . .

An option, but risky. 15-18% of new direct selling companies survive their first year.
If you have lots of startup capital and need intense hand holding, this is an option.


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