MLM Launch Formula: Launch Your MLM in 180 Days or Less?

Launch your MLM in 180 days or less?  Can you really start and run a successful MLM company in such a short window?  What about all those people saying you need to build a business plan and secure funding first?  What about all those obstacles—the right MLM software / Home Party Software, the right name, the right MLM compensation plan, the right legal entity and registrations, etc?

In reality, you can do it!  And you can do it in 180 days or less.  Here are the two most important reasons why that’s so:

  1. The world has changed dramatically in recent years and we all know it.  Today, you can use online tools, information, contacts, and services to do things much faster than was possible just a few years ago.
  2. When you look at the core elements of a new MLM business, the actual tasks involved—just the real tasks, not the thinking, training, researching, and long-time deciding—don’t take that much time.  Technically, it takes about an hour to register a name for your business and to become a legal entity.  Setting up a location can take a couple of hours if it’s in your home, and as little as a few days if it’s in an office somewhere near where you live.  Delaying decisions doesn’t make them any better.

Of course, not all businesses can go straight from the first spark of an idea to the full and complete execution in just 26 weeks.  But some can.

On one hand, you may not get product molds created, initial orders placed, and finished goods delivered from an overseas vendor in this relatively small window, but on the other hand, you just might, if you already possess the experience, contacts, and shortened learning curves.  Many cannot raise millions of investment dollars in a few months, but then you may not need that much, at least not all at once, or you might already have the necessary capital.

The essence of a direct selling company is not only its ability to scale and grow, but also much of the growth is self-funded because it is typically a cash-on-sale business.  Combine these two facets and you will see that the majority of new direct selling businesses are like the one you want to start.  This means they are manageable, focused, and ready for you to get going.

With this in mind, here’s how to launch your MLM in 180 days or less!  The MLM launch formula and timetables in the LaunchSmart System show how you go from where you are now to operational in just 180 days.  And, our hats are off to our clients who have done it while not cutting corners.  Give us an opportunity to provide you with the launch essentials training and checklists, an overview of what you really have to do, no matter what, and where you’ll find it in our system.

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