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Don’t Cut Corners

For several weeks, we have been one of two finalists for a key MLM consultant role in an established business making a transition to home party plan.  Without clearly defined strategies yet in place, the company has asked for proposals.

Our competitor bears a good reputation although we’ve never had the opportunity of meeting, let alone working together.  The client called to tell me that they are leaning toward our competitor because their proposal is half as much as ours.  Although the final decision has not been made, a word of caution is in order.  Consider these danger signs when selecting an MLM consultant team with the following players:

  • MLM Compensation Plan Consultant and Home Party Plan Hostess Program and Pay Plan
  • Consulting Team that Specializes in MLM Best Practices
  • MLM Software Consultant and Analyst
  • MLM Operations and Fulfillment Specialist
  • Customer Service Manager for MLM Companies

We were surprised to learn that the competitor’s proposal was favored over ours, mainly because it was a “tight” package with everything already spelled out and a fixed dollar amount proposed.  Just one problem: the company’s strategies are not defined, so it’s impossible to accurately propose a scope of work unless one or the other party is willing to risk huge disappointment, cost overruns, or other unforeseen calamities.

Our advice is to take a step back and first focus on defining the key strategies: what kind of selling plan is best for your MLM or Home Party Plan company?  What is your strategy for training brand new recruits?  Will you build or buy your MLM Software?  How well will your product margins support the necessary margins?  And host of questions related to customer service, test markets, training and sales tools, finding the first 500 MLM distributors or home party plan consultants, and so on.

First things first: get your strategic plan in place.  If nothing else, start with a basic business plan and build out from there.  Give special consideration to the strategic plan and all of the related considerations.  For a template, or even a free consultation on MLM strategic planning, call or email our team of MLM consultants.

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  1. What an interesting scenario. It is clear your team doesn’t cut any corners. I am curious to see how this will pan out.

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