MLM Consultants are Focusing on the Wrong Things

mlm-consultants-are-focusing-on-the-wrong-thingsIn my 25 years working around MLM consultants, I’ve observed different approaches from a variety of backgrounds. With a burning desire to understand how I can be the very best, I’ve peeled back many layers to understand who are my consulting peers, and what has been the foundation for their methodologies, their perspectives, and their claims to be able to guide the MLM startup journey.

First, all MLM consultants come from their own unique perspectives. For instance, one comes from a highly technical background as a business and software analyst. Perhaps out of sheer volume of startups that he has observed, he puts a toe into the consulting waters and through commitment and tenacity as a marketer has established himself prominently in web search rankings.

Next, MLM consultants work from their respective bases of experience. The analyst sees metrics and key performance indicators as nails for his hammer. His focus comes from the analyst’s perspective. The former distributor sees enrollments as the nails for his hammer. The former software programmer sees back office, genealogies, and commissions as the nails for his hammer. And so on through the list of MLM consultants.

Eventually, when the question is asked, “what qualifies you to lead me through the process of launching and running a successful MLM company?” the true capabilities of the MLM consultants should surface. Question the one that hasn’t built a downline; study the one that has never sat in the CEO or COO hot seat; and drill the one that has never sat next to a customer service rep to listen to a live distributor call.

The central focus of any worthy leader from the circle of MLM consultants must always be on the consultant’s perspective – the passion – for successful, happy distributors. At the heart of all successful (truly successful) MLM companies is respect, understanding, and deep experience serving and sustaining the field. MLM consultants that have not taken live distributor calls are not worthy or capable of guiding meaningful and lasting company launches.

To drive the point, consider the executive circle consisting of the traditional C-level executives: The CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO, and COO. Who speaks up for the distributor each week in this high-level conclave? Add the Chief of Distributors (Chief Customer Officer) and the team is complete. In fact, every decision should be checked against the voice and expectation of the distributor. MLM consultants who do not help their clients to understand this core building block impose unspeakable harm upon their clients.

Terrel Transtrum is the Founder and CEO of ServiceQuest, a consulting and training firm of MLM consultants dedicated to distributor service and retention, and now a recognized leader in supporting launches and new ventures. Contact Terrel at

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