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For a free MLM Startup Manual, contact our offices.  We are eager to provide free MLM consulting services, and our MLM Startup Manual is a great place to start.  As a leading MLM Consultant specializing in MLM Best Practices, MLM Attorney and leading MLM consultant Terrel Transtrum combines his MLM legal experience and skills with decades of real-life MLM best practices and corporate experience from the trenches to provide a more comprehensive MLM Consulting experience.  Recognized by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) who presented Transtrum with the 2009 DSA Partnership Award for his work in MLM Distributor Service, Transtrum is the recognized world authority on MLM distributor service and customer service best practices.

Transtrum and his team of MLM consultants provide clients with support at every stage of success, from MLM startup and launch to full growth and production.  Terrel Transtrum and his unique MLM startup consulting firm will guide you through all aspects of starting and running a successful MLM company.  Although some MLM consultants specialize in MLM startups, and other MLM consulting teams focus on established companies, Terrel Transtrum and his MLM consultant team specialize in both.  Building on the best practices followed by established MLM companies, Transtrum’s MLM startup clients benefit in every way.  From MLM software selection to MLM best practices, this firm has been quietly working behind the scenes since 1988.  “We’ve been so busy working with MLM companies, that we haven’t taken a lot of time to market ourselves,” admits Transtrum who works from his modest offices just down the street from the Melaleuca corporate headquarters.

Take a close look and you will like what you see.  When you are considering MLM Consultants, MLM Software, MLM attorneys, and MLM best practices, please check with us.  We enjoy the free half-hour consult because it is our investment in your success.  We believe that you want to know the best options, and we are eager to answer your questions not only about what we do, but more importantly, the questions that YOU want to ask.  And it won’t hurt a thing to get your hands on our Free Startup Manual for MLM companies.

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