MLM Legal Guide

When it comes to the best MLM Legal Guide with advice and guidance, much is written by MLM lawyers and law firms.  Practitioners range from single-office MLM attorneys to full-service, multi-lawyer firms.

As MLM Consultants with broad experience, including MLM legal, we are able to provide objective advice on selecting and working with a reputable MLM legal team.  This MLM blog provides a starting point as an MLM Legal Guide, and we are always pleased to provide a more comprehensive checklist.  We present here the basic elements of our MLM legal guide for starting and running a successful MLM company.

MLM Legal Requirements

Always start by considering the legal requirements for your MLM or party plan company.  Our MLM legal guide will help you navigate important decisions and questions that have legal implications.  Consider these two crucial aspects: First, a proper guide will help you to prioritize the legal issues that need your attention.  Second, it will help you to define the MLM legal needs in ways that will be billed on a project or hourly basis.  You may be able to save time and money, and you should gain peace of mind knowing that you have a general familiarity with the legal issues and the exposures that you face.  In our firm, we have designed the guide as a questionnaire that will guide you through these two main aspects.

MLM Legal Guide

Whether you work with the LaunchSmart MLM legal guide or with a specialized MLM law firm or MLM attorney, the general categories you will examine are these:

  • MLM Distributor Agreement
  • Party Plan Consultant Agreement
  • Distributor / Consultant Terms & Conditions
  • Autoship Terms and Provisions
  • MLM State Registrations, Anti-pyramid registrations, Business Opportunity Registrations
  • MLM Distributor Policies & Procedures
  • Home Party Plan Consultant Policies & Procedures
  • MLM Distributor Compliance Management, including Policy and Procedure Administration
  • MLM Forms and Legal Documents
  • Change-of-Sponsorship Forms, Registration of Entity Forms for Distributors, and many others
  • MLM Product registrations, labeling, and compliance
  • MLM Sales Tax Compliance

Contact us for a more comprehensive review of the MLM legal requirements and to see which aspects of our MLM Legal Guide can be supplied to you for no cost.  We are eager to guide your planning and would be glad to become your MLM consultant.

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