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My Web Search for MLM Software Produced some Interesting and Unexpected Results

On the topic of MLM software, I decided to devote an hour to update my list of MLM software providers.  What I found blew my mind.  I used some of the following search terms to see what would turn up:

  • MLM Software
  • MLM Startup Software
  • MLM Plan Design Software
  • Party Plan Software
  • MLM Business Plan Software
  • Home Party Plan Software
  • Free MLM Plan Design Software
  • MLM Software and Party Plan Software

To my amazement, and possibly  to yours, as well, I stopped counting at several hundred MLM software companies, with the growing conviction that I would find hundreds more should I continue clicking through to all the MLM software links.  What amazed me even more was that upon clicking through a few links, I learned that these folks claim they have served thousands of clients.  Each.  I stopped after a few minutes and backed up.  Between just two of the hundreds out there, these are some incredible claims.  Now my purpose in sharing this little bit of “head scratching” is to try to convince the needle on my B.S. meter to quit dancing; but the purpose is mostly to put a perspective on the importance of carefully selecting the right MLM software for your enterprise, and then starting by defining business requirements instead of leaning too heavily on the MLM software team to define the requirements for you.  I’ll address MLM software requirements in future articles and MLM blog posts.

Unexpected Findings From my One-hour MLM Software Research

Now, what I’m about to report from my MLM software web research is likely to be true, and I’m the first who will send congratulations.  I’m the kind of person who commonly takes things at face value, especially from those I have no reason to doubt.  I know Mel Atwood (only casually), and he looks me in the eye.  And people I trust say good things about him.  That’s good enough for me.  I don’t know the folks at MLMsoftware2000, and I’m going to do more to change that, because I want to learn how they do what they say they are doing.  And, they may have a solution that we can offer to our MLM startup clients.

But the math doesn’t add up.  And what’s more, I’m feeling a little stupid for not having heard of the vast majority of these MLM software companies that Google finds when I search for MLM software solutions even though I’ve been in main stream MLM since 1988.  Where have I been?

For example, MLMsoftware2000 comes 4th entry pn page 1 of Google when I search, “MLM software.”  Clicking through, the website reports that this particular MLM software developer has served thousands of clients, and has been developing MLM software for more than 30 years.  Break it down.  Let’s say that the number is 2,000 (“thousands”) clients.  Dividing this number by 30 yields about 66 clients per year.  Assuming an even distribution throughout the year, that’s just over 1.2 new clients per week.  For 30 years!  How do they do it?  And where have I been when it comes to their MLM software?

The coveted number 1 link that comes up in Google when I search MLM software goes to Mel Atwood’s site, YourSolutions.  I’m a big fan of Mel Atwood.  He’s a marketing genius, and people I trust speak respectfully of him.  We’ve not had the opportunity to work together, but I am in awe of his breadth of offerings, including MLM software and the MLM consulting that he provides.  His website states “hundreds of active clients,” and “thousands consulted.”

MLM Consultant Consulting

It’s time for me to pay Mel for some MLM Consultant Consulting!  In our MLM consulting work, we go morning until night guiding our clients through business rules, best practices, and distributor service coaching, and it’s all we can do to have worked with just over 300 companies since 1988, 22 years.  Again, I’m not saying it can’t be done.  I need a serious lesson on how to scale my business growth.  But again, break it down.  And in Mel’s case, his website says that including (or perhaps addition to?) the MLM software, he has worked with “well over 2,500” different MLM companies since 1997.

These are some amazing, almost super-human numbers, and I’m sincere when I say that I welcome an opportunity to learn how to do this.  Three conditions: (1) I have to be able to maintain my sanity, (2) I must stay married, which means at least Friday nights with my wife, and (3) my clients must continue to have a memorable client experience.  As an MLM consultant, a profession that includes MLM software consulting, I’m once again going to run the numbers.  The results of Mel’s numbers are simply astounding: 13 years (1997 to 2010) and “well over 2,500” companies, we’ll just use 2,500.  That’s 192 new MLM’s per year, or right around 4 new clients per week.  I’m scratching my head because I know how much time and energy goes into delivering quality consulting and guidance through the delicate MLM startup-up stages.  I’m definitely going to Mel with my hat in my hand and see if he’ll share some of the secrets behind his success in MLM consulting and MLM software.

If this comes across as disparagement, that is not my intent.  Perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek, but not disrespect.  I’m going to get my butt in gear and pay more attention, and I here and now renew my commitment to really understand how to share more of my passion and MLM consulting expertise with more of the MLM companies out there, especially those looking for MLM software.  And this all started by simply Googling the phrase, “MLM Software.”

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