MLM Startups Are Alive And Well

and-i-dont-careMLM Startups are alive and well! In large part because of the eternal optimism of entrepreneurs, and helped along by wide acceptance of creative business strategies in the roller-coaster economy, MLM startups are exciting new avenues.

The breakdown of MLM startups in our MLM consulting practice fall into three groups:

  1. New ventures – these are the startups that are not yet in business and involve the crucial steps of strategic planning, project blueprinting and planning, and early execution.
  2. Emerging ventures – these are the MLM startups that are in business and that have traction; many that we see are approaching or are already at positive cash flow.
  3. New divisions – a surprising number of established enterprises are looking to the world of direct selling, building on the best practices of starting and running a successful MLM enterprise.

The critical path for the entrepreneur thinking of starting and running a successful MLM company begins with the vision and strategic work. From there, the proof of concept flows from forecasting and modeling, then flowing into launch project blueprinting and planning. The smoothest launches always follow a tight action plan and engage the field recruiting system as early as possible. We find that this vital step is often postponed until launch, yet there are some valuable steps that can be taken from the very start.

Entrepreneurs considering MLM startups are happier when they take time to get smart in the nuances of direct selling (MLM / Network Marketing / Home Party). We find that the implementation curve is shorter and more effective when owners and executives have a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the exciting world of MLM Startups.

Terrel Transtrum is Founder and CEO of ServiceQuest, a global consulting and training firm specializing in MLM and direct selling.


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