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MLM Virtual CFO

MLM Virtual CFOs!  Do they exist?

For several years, I’ve watched startup MLM companies search for Virtual CFO firms to guide them through the sticky questions that only the professionals understand.  There is a short supply of CPAs and CFOs who understand the important nuances and practices affecting direct selling companies.

The solution is a virtual MLM CFO.  We have now officially begun the task of assembling our team of seasoned MLM accounting and MLM finance experts.  These are the pros who understand MLM Charts of Accounts, tricky inventory management based on forecasts that to the average CFO do not make sense, and how to prepare a MLM business for acquisition or sale, whether through IPO or private sale.  A good example in the world of MLM is USANA former CFO Gil Fuller, a stellar MLM CFO that shaped the fortunes at USANA.  Good MLM CFOs are worth their weight in platinum for these, and many reasons.

If you are searching for a MLM Virtual CFO, or if you are practicing in this highly specialized arena, please contact me, and I can assist you in connecting with our clients who choose to work with only the best.