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Is MLM Really an “Industry?”

Network Marketing Startup ConsultantSome purists say that MLM (multi-level marketing) is not an “industry.” As Network marketing startup consultants, we agree with the purists. Here’s why.

In our many years (since 1988) in and around hundreds and hundreds of the best direct selling companies on the planet, we’ve not only served in the key role of network marketing startup consulting, but we have been privileged to work inside the halls of some of the greats, including Melaleuca, Herbalife, Pampered Chef, AVON, Creative Memories, Prepaid Legal, Scentsy, and many others.

At Melaleuca, before I ventured out as a network marketing startup consultant, CEO Frank VanderSloot was the first I had ever encountered who raised my awareness that MLM is not an “industry.” “It’s a method of marketing and distribution. Pure and simple.” Because of the wide array of industries (personal care, nutrition, fashion accessories, home furnishings, kitchen tools, cosmetics, hair care, personal services, etc.) that market their products and services through networks of independent company representatives, and who distribute directly to consumers, it can hardly be argued that MLM (or Party Plan) is an “industry.”

Perhaps the most compelling argument in favor of MLM being an “industry” is the one that says that as a whole, the common thread of direct marketing and compensation through multilevel marketing channels (and its many cousins, including party plan) pulls the profession into a natural grouping which can be thought of as an industry. Those in favor of this approach stand firm that it is no different from any other sales and distribution system, such as the insurance industry, the automobile sales industry, or the beer and beverage distribution industry. But some network marketing startup consultants who debate the topic maintain that each of the industries (for example, nutritional supplements, personal care, cosmetics, and so forth) is a standalone industry that simply uses a direct method of marketing and distribution that is described by most network marketing startup consultants as direct selling.

When I am approached in my role as a network marketing startup consultant, I sometimes cringe when I hear, “isn’t this a wonderful industry?” meaning MLM and Party Plan. Granted, I am more sensitized than most because of my early goading by my billionaire mentor, but it makes perfect sense to me. And though I do not regularly hear the debates, I have witnessed enough discussion among those engaged in network marketing startup consulting to know that there is a strong leaning in favor of my views. I admit that I perk up for validation when I’m around the gurus of network marketing startup consulting as they nit the merits of the question.

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